Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I buy items from Cottage Crafts Boutique online?
A: No, Cottage Crafts Boutique does not currently offer online sales.

Q: Can I special order items from a crafter who is listed in your online Crafter's Gallery?
A: In many cases, yes, as long as the crafter has contact information listed, such as an email address or web address. Contact the crafter, for more information. Generally, you will order your item from the crafter. The crafter will then drop the item off at Cottage Crafts Boutique in San Jose, where it will be held at the front counter for pick up. The crafter will let you know when it is ready for pick-up. Please contact the crafter directly for inquiries related to special orders.

Q: Do any crafters sell their items online?
A: Some crafters have websites, and some offer shopping on their websites. View the crafter's page for more information about that particular crafter. If a web address is listed, you may visit their web site. Please note that links to crafter's web sites are provided as a courtesy. Any transactions placed outside of the Cottage Crafts Boutique web site, are strictly between you and the crafter.

Q: How can I find out in advance about store sales?
A: Fill out a Customer Card, available at the front counter, to be put on our mailing list. You may also visit our web site and view the "Special Events" page for up-to-date information about sales, classes and other special events.

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